Make Every 13th of the Month Your Blog Backup Day

Here’s a great campaign I bumped into: every 13th of the month is unofficially Blog Backup Day.

How many times have we lost important information just because we never make it a point to (regularly) backup? Blogging is no exception. If you value your blog and have spend lots of hours writing new posts, customizing the template, and promoting it to other people—which you probably do, since you’re here—you had better back up your blog as often as possible.

What I like about Blog Backup Day is how it wants you to start the habit by setting a definite schedule and frequency (every 13th of the month). Second, since it is an unofficial “day”, it has that warm, fuzzy feeling akin to a national holiday and other things people all over the world do at the same time.

Of course you can set your own schedule for backing up your blog. Of course you can backup more frequently than once every month. But won’t it be more fun if everyone backed up their blog all at the same time?

Ok, so this is a perfect gloom post for Friday the 13th, but you must realize that technology isn’t perfect. Your blog could go down and if you have no backup, then you’ll have to start from zero. All your hard work down the drain.

Source: The 13th – Blog Backup Day

Why the thirteenth? No special reason, really. But since it’s generally considered an unlucky number (especially if it falls on a Friday), it could serve as a reminder that if neglect your backup duties, something bad will happen—to your blog, perhaps?

Now that you have a backup schedule, there’s only one thing left to do: follow it!

Originally posted on June 18, 2007 @ 12:29 am