Write More Effectively (Part 3)

To recap the previous entry in this series, you have to do the following in order to become a more effective writer:

-always keep in mind your target audience
-tighten your focus on content.

In this installment, let’s take a deeper look at the content of your work. More than the message that you are trying to get across, you should also look at the way you present it. This brings us to the next point – organize your ideas logically. You may have the newest and most radical idea to present to your readers but you cannot bank on that alone. You also have to be able to present the idea in such a way that readers can understand exactly what you mean to say. This involves organization of thought – from your head to paper (or screen).

Another thing about content, you have to place great import on clarity. Clarity means you do not need flowery words and complicated sentence structures. You have a message, you write it down in an organized manner, then you chop off all the other words that you do not need to get the message across.

Last, edit, polish, and refine. This is the part where you have to painstakingly look at your own work and detach yourself from whatever emotions may be present. Look at it objectively and decide what can be done to improve the piece. Then take it one step further – if you can have others read your work before you publish it, then do so. After all, you can only be objective up to a certain degree when it comes to something that you have created.

Here’s to more effective writing in the following months!

Originally posted on February 16, 2008 @ 2:53 am