The Writer as a Unique Element of Blogs

With the millions of blogs flooding the online environment and competing for viewers’ attention today, a blogger will be hard put to find something unique in his/her blog.  Themes, topics, and ideas have almost been exhausted for what they’re worth that it appears there is nothing left to make a unique blog of.  But there is always something or shall we say someone who can make the difference – the blogger himself/herself.

Let’s face it.  What usually separates the successful from the failure among blogs in the same niche is the blogger or the writer.  One thousand blogs can have the same topic, the same language, the same design but there can never be two writers having exactly the same thing to offer to readers.  Why do we prefer a particular site for our research work and another for our creative work?  The fitness of a site in the eyes of a reader depends on what he needs at a certain point in time. 

When a blog or a blogger manages to stand out to the minds of viewers and readers, it can be presumed that in the view of these readers, that blog or blogger is unique.  The most obvious uniqueness we see online is with the packaging of the site.  The typical formula is to get a proven strategy and twist it to a certain degree that will make it identifiably different.  Uniqueness catches attention and attention gives opportunities for success.

It is an oft-repeated saying that a person’s individuality is what makes for uniqueness.  A writer who brings himself/herself to truly work for a blog will eventually find that essence that will make the site unique in itself, of no comparison and of no equal.  At the end of the day, the writer remains to be the only unique element of a blog who cannot be copied nor spammed.

Originally posted on May 31, 2012 @ 6:39 am