Adding ads to your blog: Adsense


Adsense is definitely one of the ways you could generate income on your blog. Also you could find other kinds of ads. Maybe like you have a program where people sign up so they could directly have their ads on your blog header or sidebar. Let them decide which space to take or something.

In any case, with the first option, you could do something about it immediately. Set up a Google Adsense account. Then install a plugin that would help you insert the ads in your blog.

When you sign up for a Google Adsense account, you’d have to read the terms of their services so that you would be able to avail of them. One of the issues would be the language of your blog. If your blog is mainly in another language not supported by Google then you might have trouble with that, considering that you need to have Google understand your blog entries in order to make contextual ads to show up on your blog. Otherwise, it might be moot to even think of signing up. In any case, your account would be pending and not immediately active so that would be something you could resolve from the side of Google.

You could use your Google Adsense account on several blogs. They would be the revenue channels you have. That way, you could check which blog of yours is earning more, and so on. From your log on, you could set up the kind of ads or referral buttons that would appear on your blog. Aside from that, you could set the styles of the ads that would appear on your blog. Maybe you could have a header or a vertical ad which uses a particular color scheme. It’s really up to you. Maybe you are blogging about your different interests and you are curious which one is earning more, the blog about your favorite Hollywood stars or your travels, it would be easy to track.


Originally posted on September 23, 2006 @ 5:47 pm