Making Your Blog More Accessible: Offer Feeds

Have you ever experienced being so excited about a specific blog entry you’ve posted that you just can’t wait for people to start reading them? To be honest, I have. When I first started blogging several years back I was so excited I kept on “promoting” my personal blog to my friends. I’m pretty sure I emailed people and told practically everyone I met (who I knew went online regularly) about my then new blog. I was pretty happy with my first post since I got about 5 comments from people who I pestered enough to actually read my blog. It was pretty fun. My friends pretty much regularly checked my blog until I started writing really erratically and my loyal readers got tired of visiting since it rarely got updated. When I got back to writing more regularly it was really disappointing to have to get real traffic again. This became an ongoing problem until RSS feeds became popular. Thank God for feeds!

Nowadays, feeds are indispensable. It doesn’t matter if your blog is just a personal blog or your business blog. By offering feeds, your readers can subscribe to your blog and become aware each time you post a new blog entry. Although most blog engines offer feeds automatically it is a good idea to use Feedburner to be able to optimize your feeds. Furthermore, it is a good idea to place the subscribe button in a prominent place on your blog to encourage readers to subscribe. On my next post I will discuss how you can optimize you RSS feeds.

Originally posted on November 7, 2007 @ 3:39 pm