Conventionality is the Disease… Creativity is the Cure

Don’t you sometimes find yourself feeling too stuck in a rut? Perhaps, on some mornings now, you feel not looking forward to the day ahead of you. You feel monotonous. The feeling of monotony, believe it or not, affects your blogging. You may not know it but you are getting saturated with your daily routine. This poses a threat to your writing because following a predetermined schedule limits the horizons of your thinking. You encounter the same things everyday and you accept them, absorbing everything like a sponge as you get used to them. Every idea / action comes to you as an instinct or even as a reflex decision. It’s like your brain has been set on auto-think. On a usual day, walking home would mean passing by that fountain and taking a left from there. How about if one day, you ditch the fountain route and take a different one? Never mind if you realize that it’s a longer walk; the important thing is you walked a different path going home and it’s such a refreshing alternative from your usual direction. That itself is already a successful attempt at creativity. The mere change from your conventional walk home [or other habits] shall welcome new things or at least, a fresher take on the usual things.

Originally posted on September 15, 2010 @ 1:49 pm