Effective Comments

We all know the value of commenting regularly on other people’s blogs. However, we also know that often times comments will not be reciprocated by the blogger whose post you commented nor will they generate that much traffic. If you want to make the most of commenting though some things you should remember would be […]

Give Your Blog A Haircut

We all need one from time to time – how often depends on you. I have this friend who keeps his head almost totally shave so he has to have one every week. Personally, I prefer to get a hair cut every month or so. Same thing with blogs – take a look at your […]

Conventionality is the Disease… Creativity is the Cure

Don’t you sometimes find yourself feeling too stuck in a rut? Perhaps, on some mornings now, you feel not looking forward to the day ahead of you. You feel monotonous. The feeling of monotony, believe it or not, affects your blogging. You may not know it but you are getting saturated with your daily routine. […]

Blog Usability: Looking for Information

One of the great things about blogs is that they are updated really frequently, at least when compared to static websites. Because of the constant influx of new posts you can be sure that a blog generates lots of information. This is a good thing but just like papers that keep on piling up in […]

Blog Usability: Page Title

One of the most important aspects of blog usability is the choice of page titles. The blog name usually appears as the page title (Note that when I mention page title this means the text that appears on the tab). This is good practice since it will make it easy for your readers easier to […]

Blog Usability: An Introduction

Blogs have a very basic design with the blog title/header, tagline, content, and sidebar(s). Despite the fact that most blogs basically make use of the same elements the difference between the feel of various blogs is very noticeable. Many blogs with just the most basic of elements use very straightforward navigation but end up really […]