Effective Comments

We all know the value of commenting regularly on other people’s blogs. However, we also know that often times comments will not be reciprocated by the blogger whose post you commented nor will they generate that much traffic. If you want to make the most of commenting though some things you should remember would be to:

Be selective – Comment only on blogs with lively comment sections. If you want to comment on blogs with pretty much dead comment sections at least make sure that you are doing so simply because you really feel compelled to comment. Don’t expect to get anything best online casino out of it. If I’m proved wrong then at least you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Be fast – If you can try to be among the first five to leave a comment on a blog post. Lots of times people don’t bother to read all comments if there are too many, but being among the first to comment will guarantee that your comment is at least scanned.

Be on topic – There’s only two things that will happen if you aren’t on-topic with your comments – you’ll be taken for a fool or a spammer. Either way it’s like shooting yourself on the foot.

Be memorable – If you can’t be first at least be memorable. Be witty, funny, really insightful, or helpful. You don’t have to be all three at the same time but make sure that you’re comment is at least one of the four.

Originally posted on February 10, 2011 @ 4:54 pm