Give Your Blog A Haircut

We all need one from time to time – how often depends on you. I have this friend who keeps his head almost totally shave so he has to have one every week. Personally, I prefer to get a hair cut every month or so. Same thing with blogs – take a look at your blog. Try to see it from the eyes of an outsider. This could be hard but try it nonetheless. If you can’t be objective, have someone else look at it and give you their honest opinion. Does your blog leave the reader with a cluttered, disoriented feeling? If so, you might need to give your blog a haircut. How can this be done? For one, see if there are ads or other links that may add to that cluttered feel. Determine if you can get rid of some and then do so. If not, then rearrange your layout so as to minimize the cluttered effect. Another thing that you can do to give your blog a trim is to make sure that your categories are in perfect order. This would allow readers to find relevant posts more easily and accurately. This could take some time – don’t rush it too much. Try to analyze the posts and the categories until you are sure that everything is where it should be. Last, but not the least, check your links. The links you used in the past may have been working then but they may not be working now. You need to either get rid of these or replace them with working links. It’s not hard but it could be tedious. Then again, you’d definitely reap the rewards of your efforts.

Originally posted on September 22, 2010 @ 1:34 pm