Gadgets A Blogger Needz Part 1

If carpenters have hammers, doctors have stethoscopes, what is the blogger’s trusty tool (aside from the computer)?

BlogGurl’s answer: A digital camera.

I decided I needed a digital camera for my blogging life because of two things:

  • I wanted to capture the things I see in the “real world,” and blog about them.
  • I wanted to catch videos of the things that I find interesting, and blog about them, aside from talking about them on YouTube or

When you run out of online finds to talk about and “real” or “offline” life proves to be more interesting, wouldn’t you want to take a picture to capture a piece of what you saw and share it with the world?

THAT is the exact reason why I am currently working to get rid of the bills I have to pay and work on getting the money for my gadget wants. There is only one reason why I sniffle because I still don’t have a decent digicam, and it’s that I can’t share my finds and my discoveries with the rest of the world.

I am innately a share-er, and that’s why I feel sad that I let go of my cam phone to give way to my mom’s desires. I had felt like the thing was weighing me down, because I seemed to derive my self-worth from it, and the annoyance at that realization led me to ditch my cam phone.

But now that I’ve dealt with the underlying feelings to a greater degree than before (I still feel like my old Panasonic GD 52 is being stared at when I go to gadget stores), I think I am ready for a new gadget, in order to be able to share what I see in real life with the blogosphere.

For me, if a blogger has a laptop and a digicam that can take videos, the blogger is all set to conquer the blogosphere!

Originally posted on March 26, 2008 @ 10:32 pm