Gaining Traffic and Earning thru Blogs

My blog : the QuickStop has been receiving steady traffic for the past few months and lately I’ve noticing that my Google Adsense clicks have been receiving a steady amount of clicks a day. I now I earn about $2-$5 a day at my blog it’s small compared to the big players but heck it’s a start… It’s better than $0.13 a week or about $0.92 from the previous months since I started the QuickStop Project… hehehe.

What you need to do to make people click your ads is a steady flow of traffic and commitment. You may ask, “How do i get traffic for my site to increase my Google Adsense earnings?”

I’m not gonna say that it’s gonna be easy, because it’s not. I know it’s hard to get traffic when you’re just starting your blog, these things take time. Let’s say about two months or so, depending on your commitment to your blog.

How to get Visitors/Traffic to your fairly new site :

“How to be a better blog trafficker”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in simple terms it’s making your blog number #1 at search engines of your chosen topic by using specific keywords that are related to your blog. Study your blog stats. I use Google Analytics, to track my blog/website’s progress. And I use my cpanel’s Awstats, to check which keywords, my readers or my visitors search to get to my site, then use those keyphrases and/or keywords to come up with a post and custom fit it into the personality of my blog. Although sometimes. I do away with that and just post what ever I like, in the long run someone would relate to your blog/website and your blog personality. Now that you can ask your family,friends to visit your blog, if need be bribe them. Heck chances are someone would like your post and tell them to their friends and so as the cycle continues…. to me I asked my mom to visit my blog, although my Mom never did leave a comment,but she read my posts, and told her friends about it. That’s why I started posting my stories and experiences in PC stufs, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, Firefox, PC tips, trick, tweaks , even simple fix for your intermittent internet connections…NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL MARKETING!!.. thanks MOM!

Another radical step would be asking your family,friends,colleagues with websites of their own, for a link to your blog/website. Politely asking them for a link will suffice but if it doesn’t work then groveling/bribing/stalking helps.

How to get Visitors/Readers to click your Adsense Links.

“How to be a better Internet Marketer”

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details of how this works, I get sleepy when i try to read it, understand it… all I know is that when somebody clicks your Ads ( the Google Adsense that you’ve placed on your blog) you get paid for it. The more visitors/readers on your blog/website the more chances of someone clicking it. Like in a raffle draw the more entries you send the better chances of winning. Simple as it is, but it’s very hard to implement. First of all, you would have to register for your Adsense account (if you don’t have one), then to put those Adsense links on your blog/website. Some say to make it blend in your blog/website, some say make it stand out, it really depends on your style. If you want to blend in the crowd or stand-out. Just remember to put it in a place where its the first thing people see, but don’t fill up your blog/website with ads because it will just put off any potential visitor/reader. Now there is no quick way to earn online it all takes time.

These worked for me :

  1. Put ads at your header (may it be link units, or text-image ads)
  2. Put a Google search bar below your header (helps people search related topics inside/outside your blog/website)
  3. Put referral ads in your sidebar
  4. Put ads before and after every posts

Now remember the words of Jim Morrison in Wayne’s World… “If you book them they will come” so once you’ve set up your ads. concentrate on making cool articles, instead of making money.
Don’t cheat, don’t even click on your own ads… It’s a no-no. You will get banned because of it. On the occasion you accidentally click on them and that doesn’t mean instant banning, Google has ways to detect cheating, I advice you to play fair and square.

Now that you got a goal in your blog… now it’s time for a reason in blogging…at my recent post about the Reasons why I blog… blog for fun… blogging as way of life, a passion…

I wrote this article to help my 11 year old nephew who just started blogging.
His blog : I Found A Way

Originally posted on September 5, 2007 @ 5:18 pm