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sample favicons

There are different ways by which you could have a favicon. You could make your own, as I have mentioned in the previous entry. You need some kind of software in order to create .ico files. Well, in case you don’t have the plugin for Photoshop or other apps that let you do that, you could try to create an image then convert it via online favicon generators. Then just download the .ico files. Here are some of them:

  • Favicon from Pics
    If you have pictures you want to use as your favicon, there’s a tool here which lets you upload your file and it generates your favicon.ico for you. For example, you have a picture of your favorite coffee cup. You could use that;) Of course, it’s much better if your image is not too big so that it would still be recognizable when it becomes a favicon. After generating a favicon, you have an option to make it into an animated one.
  • Dynamic Drive
    This is another site that could help you generate a favicon for your blog. The maximum file size it says you could upload is 150kb. It also recommends that you use square images, for practical purposes. Aside from generating favicons, you could create icons you could use on your Windows computer. Just in case you feel like it, that is.
  • Favicon Generator
    If you don’t have an image you want to use, don’t worry. You have this option. Use letters and numbers, as well as some special characters in this generator. You have a preview of the favicon when you select the colors and letters to use. You just have to click on it later on so you could save the generated favicon.
  • All these sites actually give you instructions on how to use your generated favicons. At least you have a guide available just in case you forget how to use them.


    Originally posted on September 9, 2006 @ 2:40 am