How to Choose a Right Niche Topic for your Blog

If you want to build a business around blogging, you have to create multiple blogs with the niche topics. The very common confusion faced by the bloggers usually is that, is it better to create one blog with many categories or to create many blogs. Another confusion is that how to chose the niche topics for the blogs. However, both your confusions will be satisfied in this piece of writing. If you too are interested in niche blogging, this article will discuss closely that how to choose a right niche for your blog. Stay put and see some of the great tips to open a niche blog.

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1. Take the topic of your interest

There is no use of creating a blog with the topic you are not interested in. The reason behind is that when you create a blog you need to give it considerable time and if the topic don’t match your interest you can’t work more on it. Blogging cannot be done overnight, it takes time and dedication and if the topic suits your interest you can work dedicatedly on it.The content reflects you interest and passion towards the topic. The readers are very smart and they can easily identify whether you have written the content fervently or it is just a word shuffle of some other blogs. Good and zealously written content show that the author himself believe in what he/she is writing and this create a sense of trustworthiness in the readers which is very important for the success of the blog.

2. Check the popularity of the topic

Though the interest of a blogger is important but on the same node, it is also important to check the popularity of the topic you are choosing for your blog. You must know whether the people are interested to read about your topic or not. Blogging actually runs in the law of supply and demand. If you are supplying what is in demand then only you can attain the desired success in blogging.It is true that you can’t follow the interest of the millions of people searching over internet, and thus you need to target your audience and then think over the main topics they want to read about.

3. Is you topic shrinking of growing

The popularity of everything changes over time and so is the fact with the blogging topics too. Keep an eye on the popularity rate of your niche and the topics related to it. People’s interest is not static and thus their search is also not constrained, it may change with time. You have to predict what could be the next search by your readers and try selecting the blogging topics according to that.

4. Don’t neglect the competition

Don’t ignore that fact that there are thousands of bloggers around and all are looking for the most popular topic for blogging. Bloggers often make a mistake of selecting the most popular topic without checking the competition for that particular topic. This might suck you and your blogging success.The huge crowd in blogging is the reason that sometimes we feel that there is not topic left to write about. In such a situation some less popular topics with less competition can be taken and they come-out as good earners. Thus one must never neglect the very important aspect of blogging- that is competition.


5. Will you be able to write enough on that topic?

It happens sometimes that the topic we select is best in every regard of popularity, competition and our interest but it still fails. The reason might be the shortage of content. We run short of the content about that particular topic and this may suck the success of your blog. Thus before selecting the topic make sure that you can write enough content on it.

6. Can you earn from that topic?

If blogging is just your hobby and you are not running it to make some money, it is fine but if you are blogging to earn money make sure that the topic you select has a potential income stream. To make is more explicable I can say that you need to find the affiliate program related to your topic. Not all the ads program is suitable for all kind of topics.

Getting a niche and a topic suitable on all the fronts mentioned above is a bit difficult but not impossible. It is possible that your topic may lack in any one of the above fronts, but keep on working on that weakness and you will surely get success soon.

Medley Cain has been blogging in various niches for a while, her expertise are jobs in healthcare,healthcare careers, hospital jobs and such allied health related stuff.

Originally posted on October 21, 2011 @ 7:09 pm