SEO Blogs: Why starting one isn’t a good idea

SEO blogs are valuable as a resource for SEO newbies. There are even some SEO blogs out there that are really valuable resources even for advanced SEO techniques. Great SEO blogs out there include Matt Cutt’s blog (great for newbies to advanced since your get the latest Google updates and of course the hid video tutorials), Bill Slawski’s SEO by the SEA (now this one is mostly for the advanced SEO people – be preapared to see lots of patents), and SEOmoz’s blog (too many posts here sometimes but every week you’ll find a gem here). SEO blogs are very good as a resource, which is perhaps the very reason why you should NOT make your own SEO blog. The web is so saturated with SEO blogs that everyone interested in SEO have tons of blogs to choose from, which can guarantee that virtually no one will bother reading a new blog from another SEO newbie. So unless you are already an industry insider with pretty good contacts then I would say that your chances of becoming a top notch SEO blogger is slim to none. However, if your motive to start your own SEO blog is not to become one of the top blogs but simply to really chronicle your own journey at learning SEO, then by all means go ahead. Just don’t expect your SEO blog to become your cash cow really soon. For me the best reason for blogging is still just sharing to the world whatever your passion is, and if your current passion is learning SEO then don’t let the competition stop you. Blog for yourself – who knows you might prove me wrong.

Originally posted on April 20, 2010 @ 10:06 am