Suggested Blog Manners

What I noticed in blogs is that it is now a main source of information to the “Netizens”. As we are in charge of feeding useful, creative, and wacky information to everybody. So it’s time that we as new and old bloggers share our opinions and thoughts. But also be careful because it also reflect our reputation online.

  • On comments : Comments is one of the ways that a reader connects to us. It’s there they that see, read and share their opinion and views on a certain topic that you posted so it’s polite to answer them back so they feel welcome in your blog
  • Please don’t threaten other bloggers, and don’t take the comments (or other bloggers) personally
  • Always Think beforehand what topic you would post. It reflects your personality because it comes out in what you write.
  • Leaving comments on a blog then asking for link a back is definetely a no-no. because usually it’s the first thing that gets deleted.
  • Don’t leave comments just to promote your own blog. that’s considered spamming so be careful (hehe)
  • Post relevant comments, and read the posts — don’t comment ” Nice info! link me pls.” ooh that comment sucks big time– and will be immediately deleted.

Hope this give you a rundown of suggested blogger manner… If there are other ideas and suggestions please don’t hesitate to add it.

Originally posted on August 15, 2007 @ 8:34 am