Why go for a hosted blogging service?

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This blog has been talking about choosing the hosted blogging service for you. Be it WordPress.com, LiveJournal, or Blogger, there are actually plenty of others out there. But why choose any one of these instead of having your own domain or something?

If you are new to blogging, there are things that you might not know how to deal with. Like choosing a good hosting service. Should you go for Dreamhost or PowWeb, etc? How do you install the blogging software? How will you deal with the spam, just in case? If you are on a hosted blogging service, you don’t really have to worry about these little details.

When your blog is hosted, there’s already the software, the ways to combat spam, ready-made templates, etc. You don’t have to fiddle around much to have a working blog. You could just do a little personalization like choosing a nice and distinct blog title, how your archives will be available, and so on. Some blogging services even have ways for you to upload your pictures from within the site so that you could easily blog about the latest events you have been to or what’s new with you.

Another great thing about being on a hosted service is that they make backups of your blog for you. Take LiveJournal, for example. They even notify you when they have maintenance stuff scheduled. If you are not quite sure how to make backups of your files from a webhost, there is no need to freak out.

Actually, there are bloggers who use hosted services and they just re-direct their domain to their blog. At least it makes it easier for people to remember their URLs. All you have to do is check how the settings should be set and you’re ready for it. Nice, eh?


Originally posted on December 17, 2006 @ 12:36 pm