Writing blog entries for fun

wordsMore often than not, April Fool’s is when bloggers have a lot of fun on their blogs. They experiment with topics or writing styles so that they could fool their readers. Maybe you have done that before, maybe not. But there are fun things you could do:

Play around with words.

Some people write a little too seriously. Why not play a little? Make rhymes out of things. You might have a craving for donuts. Write about it. Talk about the yumminess of donuts or write donut jokes. Maybe even a series of it. Maybe it just seems to weird but it would stimulate your creativity a lot. Your readers might even have a kick out of it and start writing their own. Before you know it, you have a collection worthy of getting published.

Take a different persona.

Just for a few days try making up a persona and let that ‘persona’ write on your blog. Talk about the same topics. See how people would react. It might seem cruel to some but it might ellicit different reactions. (Try writing from the perspective of your pet one time. It is fun to think about what your pet might be thinking.)

Answer surveys, follow memes.

People on your blogroll might be tagging you to answer surveys and/or quizzes. If you actually check out some of them, they are fun. Aside from that, the quizzes and surveys show something about you that you might have never known before. Note that not all quizzes are accurate. Check out some of them and share your thoughts with other people.

Blogging does not have to be very serious all the time. After all, you have to show others your different sides. Also, through your blog entries you show the culture that is prevalent in your age group and your country.

Originally posted on June 22, 2006 @ 12:43 pm