Finding Images for your Blog Posts

One problem that many bloggers encounter is trying to find an image to accompany their posts. Actually the problem isn’t really finding an appropriate image but an image that can be used legally without needing to get express permission from the owner/creator. This isn’t that big a problem for me here at Blog Tutorials since I very rarely use images to accompany posts. However, I can still sympathize with other bloggers who need to find images on a regular basis. Because of this I looked for ways to find images available for republishing in blogs. I then came upon Rhys’ recent post “How To – Find Low Cost & Legal Images For Your Blog Posts” where he gave three place online where you can find such images, namely: Flickr (using Photodropper), stock images from, and iStockPhoto. Rhys also outlined how to use Photodropper in his post so please head there to read more on the three sites. Aside from Rhys advice though what you can do is to simply click the “Advance Image Search” option found at the right of the search box when using Google Image Search and specify the kind of Usage Rights (2nd to the last feature) applicable to images you will be looking for/using. Options available for usage rights include: not filtered by license (which means you don’t need to go to Advance image search to choose usage rights!), labeled for reuse, labeled for commercial reuse, labeled for reuse with modification, and labeled for commercial reuse with modification. Still no luck? Then start getting creative and create your own image!

Originally posted on October 31, 2009 @ 4:39 pm