Story Telling In Your Blog (Part 2)

In the previous post, we highlighted the importance of starting BIG when telling stories in your blog. We also emphasized the need for being sure of what you want to convey and conveying your idea in a definite manner. Let us look at some more pointers in telling stories in your blog.

You have to include dialogues in your story. They do not have to be longwinded ones. In fact, the shorter, the better – at least in my book. But when you do use dialogues, make sure that they have an impact and that they enhance the overall story that you are telling. You can even use lines wherein it is you who is speaking – as if you were talking to yourself. Formatting is important here. I like having a separate paragraph for each speaker. It makes the entry more readable and easier on the reader.

I mentioned formatting briefly above. Pay close attention to how your paragraphs look. Long blocks of text are a no no. They discourage people to read and can be monotonous after a while. Try to vary the lengths of your paragraphs as well. This would be easier on the eyes and, psychologically, make it more pleasant to read.

While writing, do not be too hard on yourself. Just let the story flow BUT once you are done, do not be afraid to go hard on your writing. Read, read again, and read once more. See if there are parts of the story that you can delete for the sake of readability but make sure that the deletion would not take away from the essence of the story.

Originally posted on June 5, 2008 @ 4:04 am