About Blog Tutorials

Usually, while blogging, on web hosting sites we start telling more things than intended as we are deviated from the main topic by getting carried away. This is generally a mistake made by novice bloggers. Novice bloggers are not able to understand that everyone may not find their stories and experiences interesting thus a new visitor to blog may not be able to get involved in your stories, and they often get distanced from your blog. Surely we don’t want that new bloggers visiting our blog site should move away. What steps we should take to prevent this which will help us to hold the attention of our blog visitors?

First it should be assumed that every single person visiting our web hosting site has just landed for the first time. They know nothing about you, or your profession, or your friend circle. So what can you to influence your visitors and with your personal stories. Don’t start writing blogs that need a bit of knowledge before people are able to understand what you want to say. Sometimes, though, there is no other alternative than the blog post you have written for people to know more about you.

If you are pushed in the middle of a conversation when you having no idea about the topic of conversation and what people are talking about, remember that same feeling your blog visitors will get when they land up on a blog post which has too many vague references and personal information. You should try to enlighten up a bit.

Originally posted on January 20, 2011 @ 3:16 pm