Don’t be a splogger


There are times when people might be tempted to try different things with their blogs. With the number of feeds available on the Internet, it’s so easy to actually take them and use them on your own blog. There are people who put up blogs so they could earn. After all, with contextual ads on the Google Adsense program, you could generate much income if you have a lot of content. And not everyone would like to write and write every single day. Hence the desire to create splogs – or spam blogs.

You probably have come across some blogs that have cited your own words and the blogs didn’t even acknowledge that those are your thoughts, your words, your entries. Not that I am advocating selfishness. It’s more like, “Hey, look! You worked so hard for your content so why are these other people trying to say that your words are theirs?” and vice versa. You should not do the same thing to others, especially when you think about it happening to you. Your identity online is at stake here, as well as your character.

Write your own content. Be creative. True, there are already so many blogs out there but only you can be yourself. You are the only one with a particular experience on some things. Or whatever you are learning and would like to share with others is something that could only come from you. Your perspective is different from the rest of the world‘s and there’s no way that you could say otherwise.

Each of us has creative juices flowing in us and we need to learn to bring out the creativity from within our depths to our individual blogs. You don’t have to follow a particular A-lister’s style and you definitely don’t have to scrape his or her content so your blog has something to show. You could even work together with that person by interacting on the blogosphere by writing your own thoughts, trackback and see where the discussion will go. Who knows? You might even make it to that person’s blogroll.

Creating a spam blog might be something risky for you so it’s better that you start building your reputation online slowly but surely. This could be a slow start for you but it might prove to be quite a good thing in the long run.

Originally posted on September 27, 2006 @ 3:59 am