What Are Your Blogging Goals?

In everything you do, it is good to have a measurable goal. It gives a purpose to your activity; something that you can strive for. I believe the same thing applies to blogging. Have you ever actually sat down and pondered on measurable goals with regard to your blog? Perhaps not, but then again, perhaps it is about time that you did. You see, even those who do not maintain a niche blog can have goals worth pursuing. One goal that I have been trying to achieve for my personal blog is this: to build a loyal community of readers and bloggers. I never really thought about it until I realized that I was checking my stats so often to see how many people actually read my blog. More so, I wanted to know how many people were returning and were leaving comments. Then I realized that I had to make this a clear goal and create a plan to reach it. This works both ways. On the one hand, knowing that I am targeting something specific helps me to come up with posts that are meaty and useful to those whom I want to become part of my “blogging community,” so to speak. On the other hand, I achieve results in that I attract new readers AND keep on encouraging others to come back for more. Whatever your goals may be, the bottom line is that you get to provide better content for your readers AND you get to attract new readers and keep old readers as well.

Originally posted on May 9, 2009 @ 8:22 am