Why Bloggers Should Overcome Negative Attitude Towards Learning

Image: onbile

The person who said that one can blog without learning is probably not a blogger.   Learning is a very important component of having a blog.  Even professional writers need to go through a learning process when they decide to blog since traditional media and blogging are not exactly the same.

The unwillingness may just be the biggest stumbling block for a blogger.  An attitude against better understanding of what is taken to be a good blogger is a formidable stumbling block that needs to be overcome at the soonest possible time.  The sooner the attitude problem is eradicated, the earlier the blogger can get on to real blogging work.

Learning in blogging does not only happen in a single dimension.  It occurs in writing, interacting, and in committing some mistakes along the way.  There appears to be no blogger who can claim that he or she has done everything exactly the way it was planned and provided the exact results anticipated.  This is impossible because blogging is not an exact science.  It can spring the biggest surprise even if the blogger moves in a calculated and measured manner.

When mistakes are done, there is only one way to treat it and that is by learning from it.  Learning will either say that bloggers stay away from such an activity or teaches bloggers to find ways in making it right.  Either way, real learning can occur.

Learning is not all about theories.  It is also about realizing that there are so many things that will comprise a successful endeavour such as blogging.  Negative attitude towards learning has no place in blogging.  Learning is the only thing constant in everything.

Originally posted on January 31, 2013 @ 9:42 am