Share-Worthy Blog Contents

If there is anything that will prove how relevant a blog content is to the reading public, it would probably be its “shareability” value.  Is the content something which a reader may like to share or disseminate to friends and family?  Does the content present value to a particular niche or group?  Does the content possess an appeal to the general public which can make it shareable to almost anyone?

Although some people have the tendency to share anything and everything about themselves and what they do in real lives, these same people tend to be more selective when passing on information lifted from another source besides themselves.  Generally, if readers take the time to recommend a blog post to others, relevance has already been manifested.

A blogger who desires to produce share-worthy blog contents should first and foremost know what he/she is talking about.  Ignorance on a subject matter is easily detected on a single article.  You can produce lenghty posts with no substance in the same way that you can provide senseless short posts.  You can pretend to know so much by letting the subject matter drag on and on without any clear sense of direction.  You can also try to deceive readers by coming up with short teasers by making use of relevant words on irrelevant over-all content.

For any blog content to be share-worthy, it is important that you be able to give readers what they want which is true and valuable information.  It is a condition that a reader should find the content interesting enough to be shared.  Bloggers should be aware that people tend to share about things which they are passionate about so it would be best to provide posts that can inspire the release of such passion.

Originally posted on February 1, 2012 @ 12:57 am