When is Personal too Personal for Blog Use?

Blogs are essentially personal in nature. Bloggers can put just about anything they want in their site. Some even touch on the most intimate details of their lives to the great interest of their readers. Although this happens in practice, bloggers who seek legitimate online presence should be more selective of their post contents. Normally, information about personal life is only acceptable to the extent that is relevant to the site. There are instances however that bloggers try to establish a more “personal” relationship with their readers by divulging personal information about themselves. This accomplishes the task of achieving rapport and familiarity in a situation where personal interaction is not usually possible. Personal information does not only consist of textual or numerical data. Pictures of self, family, and the places and things related to the blogger is deemed personal as well. The activities and thoughts of the writer are likewise considered personal especially those that are not usually expected to be found in the site by virtue of its nature. In essence, anything freely revealed by the blogger about himself and his interests which are not ordinarily expected to appear in the site as generally presented, borders on being personal. There is actually nothing wrong about providing personal information except when the post violates the standards of general ethics and propriety. Anything that can be perceived as a violation of the ethical senses of another can be considered way too personal for blog purposes regardless of whether or not the blogger feels comfortable about it. In determining in what is too personal for blog use, bloggers should put themselves in the place of readers. People can readily distinguish what violates common senses from what does not. Unless the site specifically presents itself as a place where such personal contents are offered, there is no reason to find them there.

Originally posted on March 27, 2012 @ 9:47 am