Blogging for Personal Purposes

blogger There are different reasons for people to blog. Some do it to share what they learn but there are others who do it mainly for personal reasons. What do these people mean by personal purposes? Blogging to remember Each of us want to keep certain things, like travels, on record so that we will always remember them. Think of all the scrapbooks, albums and capsules you have. Blogs serve that purpose that too. If you think of the collage of stories and images and videos people have on their blogs, the blogs serve as their personal repository of memories. Blogging to keep track of tasks and other such lists Similar to the first reason, there are others who keep lists on their blogs. It could be lists of the things they have to do, lists of things they hate, things they like, things they are learning. Blogging to announce gatherings and plan them This is especially for those who have the knack for planning gatherings with family and friends. It could be said to go beyond personal because it is actually more social than anything. Then again, if the person is the one in charge, it could be quite a personal reason. Blogging to reflect on things There are private blogs. It might come across as weird to some people because a blog is online after all and what is the point of blogging if you won’t share the content? It just so happens that your preferred medium is the internet. Maybe you want to keep it somewhere on your computer but having an online backup is a fine idea. Blogging to rant If you are blogging to rant make sure that you are ready to face the consequences. Especially if it is work-related. There are consequences, after all.

Originally posted on November 16, 2010 @ 4:18 pm