Check Your Blog Writing Style (Part 2)

So you’ve written a good headline – it catches the readers’ attention and gives sufficient details about the content. Now what? You have to focus on the body of the post. Everyone knows that a good blog depends on its content. We’ve all heard of the advice to merely write well and put “meat” in your blog and everything will fall into place. Yet how do we do that in a concrete way?

One thing would be to adopt the “inverted pyramid” writing style. It is simple: get to the main point and then fill out the details later on. This would help the reader decide early on if your post is something that he or she wants to read.

Do you tend to write long posts? If so, do not take for granted that your readers know what you are writing about. That is, take into consideration that your readers can come from any part of the world, with all sorts of backgrounds. You cannot assume that they are experts in the field you are writing about. What you should do is to re-introduce main concepts from time to time in longer posts. Clarify ideas and give the information necessary for any reader to understand your points.

For this post, the last thing I would like you to check on are your links. How do you add links to your post? Do you even think about it or do you just create your links? If I were you, I would think that the first link is the one that most readers click on. As such, I would place my main link in such a way that it is the first in the post. Simple, no?

Originally posted on August 6, 2007 @ 2:56 am