Code of Conduct in Blogging


Blog Threats

It is apparent that not all blogger know how to show respect for other bloggers on the web. While many people tend to either abuse or just plainly disregard what the purpose of blogs are, many have taken it too far. 

Death threats through posts are only normal but one has to wonder if they are real? Why threat someone for believing in something that they would want to voice out? These are only some of the pathetic things that people cannot simply live by.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and this is what blogs are all about. Expression is something that many would want to do and being intimidated only shows envious people who simply do not have anything better to do. Originally a hobby, many people have simply overruled themselves and this has been the product of preventing people from sharing their thoughts. Such a shame isn’t it?

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Originally posted on April 11, 2007 @ 9:11 pm