How To Post Your First Blog Entry

Newly opened blog sites will often be an exciting experience for bloggers since the immediate thing that comes to mind is on what the first blog would be on the site. The first post is not expected to make an immediate impact towards the reader base to which it was meant for. Rather, it is like breaking the ice for bloggers to get the ball rolling on what the blog is really all about.

Blog Your First Move

Usually, the first blog would be like an introductory part of a message, most of the time stressing the purpose for putting up the blog and the main essence for keeping it updated as often as possible.

There would be some people who would buckle down to work early and start their first post on a high note. They would immediately focus on the key points and areas of concern of the entire blog, setting the tone for the other following blogs and keep themselves on track.

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Originally posted on February 25, 2007 @ 4:36 pm