Questions To Ask Yourself Before Publishing That Post

For some bloggers, coming up with a post is a hasty process. This could be especially true for those who have several blogs and need to post in a hurry at times. Though producing many blog entries at a time could be deemed productive, it doesn’t always mean that the entries are of good quality OR meet the needs of the blog. How do you prevent yourself from publishing such entries? Here are some questions that you could ask yourself before hitting the PUBLISH button on your web browser.

1. Is my entry easily understandable?
This question is actually related to an entry I posted recently on the use of big words. Yet big words are only a small part of a readable blog post. Try to look at your sentence construction as well. Another thing to look at would be the organization of thought. Is the flow easy to follow? Does the post convey your idea/s fluidly? If you find yourself lacking in one of these aspects, do not hesitate to postpone publishing and re-work your post.

2. Am I offering something new?
This is one of the biggest hurdles long time bloggers face. After writing and publishing hundreds of posts, it is only expected that some ideas may become redundant. If you are presenting an idea in a novel way, then that is acceptable. However, if you are merely saying the same things over and over again, you might want to find some other ideas to present to your readers.

Originally posted on March 23, 2008 @ 2:32 pm