Content Marketing Tips: Include Useful Tools Via Your Site!

When it comes to content marketing, if you’re trying to get people to regularly come back to your main website, one of the significant benefits that you can give the people browsing your site is the use of relevant and practical tools. The idea is to make it so that your website is a pathway to information that they need. And by doing that, you have a captive audience to market to.

A few of the tools that you can include inside of your web pages include relevant calculators, links to surveys, coupons and savings resources, and links to high-quality articles or information on other websites. Even putting a few of those tools on some of your main pages can make a huge difference in user experience.

Relevant Calculators

People always want to calculate numbers. Why not give them a way to do it on your main website? For example, you can program financial tools into your website that will do basic calculations for mortgages or interest rates. You can have calculators that deal with the size of a space or the number of a particular item that you would be required to do a job. The possibilities are endless, and simply having some basic calculator do the math for people will create a useful function for anyone that drops in after they see what else you’re selling on your site.

Links To Surveys

Feedback tools are awesome to have on your site. You can potentially have a survey on your website that asks any questions that you want. If you’re trying to figure out what you can do better as a service, or how you can improve your products, creating a survey for people to take on the website that is easy to fill out is a great way to establish engagement with people. Plus, if you give them something back for taking the survey, that creates an even better connection between them and your product.

Coupons and Savings

And if you are trying to market your content, why not create coupons that people can use? You can either have links to a coupon subscription concept on your page or perhaps have some code that people can get to after visiting. Many huge retail stores do this to their great advantage, and people regularly come back just to see what’s on sale next.

Links To High-Quality Resources

Finally, you can use your site to create a gateway for people who are looking for high-quality information on specific subjects. For example, if your content marketing is focused on the fact that your company sells art supplies, you can link to high-quality art tutorials within the pages of your website. That way people see a connection between what you’re selling and what they can do with the product after they buy it.

Originally posted on January 3, 2018 @ 12:45 pm