Exhanging Links with Similarly Themed Blogs

Last time I mentioned how automated blogrolls are not useful for SEO purposes. Blogrolls using plain HTML is still useful but those that use external javascripts do neither you nor the one you link to much good (except that it can of course drive traffic to the site). If you want to get more inbound links though to help your page rank better you can exchange links with similarly themed blogs as part of your link building strategy.

There are several advantages to link exchanges:

1. Relevance – The most obvious advantage of exchanging links with similarly themed blogs is that the inbound links that you both get is relevant to your blog’s topic. Relevant links will help build your blog’s authority.

2. Targeted audience – Since your blog has a similar theme then your target audience is pretty much the same. This will get you more new readers’ subscribers than being in the blogroll of someone’s personal blog.

3. Easier management of blogroll – If you make a policy of having a limited number of slots in your blogroll and engage in link exchange, then you won’t be a victim of an ever expanding blogroll. You can anounce the link exchange on your blog via post or put it in your sidebar. The important thing though is that you make it clear that you will only exhange links with similarly themed blogs and those that have enough subscribers to do you any good in terms of new traffic.

Originally posted on January 23, 2008 @ 7:22 am