Link Bait and Paid Listing: Ways to Get Lots of Traffic Fast

Link baiting is perhaps the fastest way to get tons of traffic…but only if you get it right. Of course, as usual it’s the getting it right that’s really difficult.

According to Wikipedia there are 5 basic types of link bait namely informational hooks, new hooks, humor hooks, evil hooks, and tool hooks. While some may subscribe to the idea that informational hooks are the best kind of link bait in my experience all of these five hooks are equally effective with just one post required to give your blog a boost. Note though that if the rest of your blog is a big let down compared to the successful post then after the initial surge of readers the number of readers will eventually putter out. Because of this, link bait can be likened to paid listings in search engines, which are very useful for getting people’s attention and in helping you introduce your blog or website but does not necessarily mean your SEO campaign will be successful as a whole. Link baiting and being listed in search engines will both give you a great initial traffic surge.

The difference between link bait and paid listings though is that the former leads to success in link building since people will link to the catchy post giving you tons and tons of inbound links. Of course, all this will happen only if you are able to come up with a really catchy title and a good enough post to support the title. Paid listings, on the other hand, is easier since it is sure to bring in traffic. However, the traffic it brings isn’t likely to link back to you afterwards, thus, having little if no effect on your link building campaign.

Originally posted on August 28, 2007 @ 11:56 pm