No Blog is an Island

Yes it’s true, No blog is an island link,link,link people it’s the best way. But when Linking you have to do it the right way. Just like what Guru taught us on Smart Link Practices. Now, that’s a start also we can start expanding our blog empire or our blog circle of friends by Making a linkable content,

Being linkable has it perks, as this will improve your incoming links and link popularity by writing “hot” topics, controversial topics, great news.

also apart from making linkable content is Looking for Relevant articles and linking to them.

Linking is a great way to establish a good relationship with the bloggers and also gives your readers more information by sharing the relevant link that you connect on your post.

Another Thing Would Be Learning How to link and (Trackback). Now, What is Trackback?

A trackback is a system that notifies a blogger that one of his posts is being linked by the blog that sent him the trackback and vice versa. It is a very neat way of automatically letting people know you’ve mentioned them or quoted them on your blog—that you exist.

And Yes making friends online is the same as making friends in real-life. So don’t forget your friends. Make friends online, join the blogosphere plus it gives you ideas for blog posts and even blogger the share the same ideas as you and even write/blog like you. We all know that it’s human nature to be friendly, to be with our peers. No man is an Island, and so goes the same for our blogs, No blog is an island.

Originally posted on March 24, 2008 @ 6:58 pm