Internet Babel Targets Big Bloggers Over Grammar

How important is proper grammar when it comes to writing blogs? I am sure that you already have an inkling of my position on this matter. I have written several posts on how being a blogger does not excuse anyone from using decent grammar when writing. Nick Sullivan over at Internet Babel and I share the same point of view and he even took it one step further – he singled out some of the biggest bloggers for their bad grammar!

Here’s an excerpt:

Now, bloggers aren’t necessarily writers but still. They do write. I don’t mind bad grammar, I couldn’t care less but it’s quite annoying when you see small time bloggers get hassle about it from what little readers they have. Yet big bloggers like Shoemoney and John Chow have really bad grammar. Understandably John Chow’s first language isn’t English so that’s fair enough but Shoe seems to be openly sloppy. Like, childlike sloppy with his grammar. My grammar is far from perfect but I at least spell basic words right! come on Shoe, how hard is it to use Spellcheck!

He also noted Darren Rowse of Problogger as needing some work when it comes to grammar. My oh my. Though I do not know if I would single out people in a blog post just because they have bad grammar, I do totally agree with Nick Sullivan that just because you are not a writer does it mean that your grammar, spelling, and whatnot has to be sloppy. There is always room for improvement, though. So, big blogger or not, make sure to check your own posts!

Originally posted on April 8, 2008 @ 4:04 pm