Blogging Safely

Alright, so you can’t help it. You’re blogging at work even when you’re not supposed to do. Your rationale may be that you are doing it on your breaks and that you are not harming anyone with your posts anyway. Who am I to judge?

Here are some tips on how to keep yourself “safe” when blogging where you are not supposed to. I hope you don’t take it as an encouragement to blog where and when you are not supposed to, though.

Hide your identity
That’s what pseudonyms are for! More than that, be extra careful with your words and the details that you include in your posts. The chances are that you would be touching on events and subjects related to your job – it is a part of your life after all. No one can take that away from you. Yet it would be for the best if you do not reveal any identifying details. This is the basic rule in Internet safety anyway. Express yourself all you want as long as you do not get any “incriminating evidence” down in writing.

Place restrictions
This is in regard to who can read your blog. My guess is that you have a particular audience in mind, right? If so, then you can use features in your blogging platform that will only allow designated people to read your blog. I know this can be problematic if you want to reach out to new and unknown readers but it is worth considering.

(to be continued)

Originally posted on December 10, 2007 @ 3:56 am