Finding Time To Write (Part 3)

Still don’t have enough time to write even with the tips we have been looking at for the past two blog posts? Well don’t fret, here are several more things that I have in mind that might just help you out.

Make your lunch break more productive
The average employee has 1 hour for lunch. Think about it, though, do you really need an hour to eat lunch every day? Perhaps two or three times a week, you can spend a shorter time for eating lunch. What you can do instead is to spend the remaining part of the lunch hour to write. I have tried this several times and it really works. To save even more time, I just eat a sandwich for lunch – this will only take 15-20 minutes. Actually, I sometimes write even as I eat!

Make the most out of your cooking time
If you spend time cooking at home, then you just might find additional time tow rite. How so? How long does it take you to prepare a meal? If you cook like I do, the most intensive part of cooking is the preparation. Chopping and dicing, washing and slicing, and so on. However, once all the ingredients are happily simmering away or frying or baking, I actually have some time on my hands. What I do then is spend some of that time writing. I can still keep an eye on the pot over the stove and happily churn out a blog post.

Hope these things help!

Originally posted on August 16, 2008 @ 8:16 am