How Easy Is It To Read Your Blog? (Part 2)

Another question you should ask yourself if you are trying to determine if your blog is an easy read is this: Is your blog user friendly?

I am talking about other physical aspects aside from the color scheme. Take for example the size of the font. If your font size is too small, some people may find it hard to read your posts. If they are too big, the whole blog may not look right. You have to find a balance here.

Another thing when it comes to user friendliness is the ease of navigation. That is, your readers – especially the new ones – should be able to find their way around the blog easily. They should be able to find more content when they want to, without any problems on their part. Your links should be visible and organized – archives, related posts, recommended sites, etc.

Yet be careful when it comes to providing more information – make sure that you do present relevant and timely information. I am pertaining to some blogs which have tons of information but unfortunately they are ads. There is nothing wrong with ads – they are a way of making revenue, but they shouldn’t overwhelm the essence of your blog.

Lastly, try to cover different possibilities when it comes to browsers. Not everyone uses the same browser as you do. As such, take measures that will allow your blog to be seen in its proper format in as many browsers as possible.

(more to follow)

Originally posted on December 20, 2007 @ 1:13 am