More Kinds of Content for Your Niche Blog

In the previous post we talked about using the news as content for your niche blog. It really is a good way to come up with content as you can never really run out of news – something new happens each and every day. Are there other ways you can come up with content for your niche blog? Of course! Here are some more ideas that you can work with. Link posts The name itself gives you a pretty good idea of the nature of this kind of post. What you do with a link post – or speedlinking, as some like to call it – is to gather a bunch of articles or blog posts which are related to your niche. You then list these links in your post. As you can see, it is simpler than news blogging. I personally do not like using this kind of post a lot, though, as I think that the blogger should post more focused content, which is not really achieved by merely posting links. Photo or video posts This kind of post, I really like. Though I suggest making the most out of visuals by use photos or videos as your main focus for a post. This is great when you run across a highly relevant photo or video. You can then put that in your post and then write your thoughts about it. You can write fewer words but still retain the impact of the post due to the graphic element.

Originally posted on August 23, 2011 @ 6:45 am