When Blogging turns into Leeching

Sometime in our desperate search to find awesome ideas to accompany our awesome post, we get excited or emotions fly away as we care about nothing but our goal, to blog, to get that idea out of our small little head, sometimes we look for articles or blog posts to back up our post, sometimes it’s a good thing, but when overused it maybe a bad thing, sometimes blogging can turn into leeching.

In blogging, we wait for someone to make an article or a post about a certain topic then link to it because after all it’s how you really do it right? or another scenario we make the original article then someone finds your article fresh and decides to link it but still gives you credit. When you find a relevant article you link it to your post or post excerpts of that post to your post. But In “Blog Leeching”, someone copies the article and try pass it up as his/her own. I just like to call it that way, because that how I felt when somebody copied my article and posted it on a his/her blog, “Someone has been leeching my post” I’m just frustrated because I spent a great deal of time to make my article original, then having to find out that it was copied and posted without my permission. Crap, I noticed some of my blogger friends do that they go to a site then actually copy the whole article then passing it as their own article, no links , no credit to the author. Oh man, no wonder they said to me that blogging is so easy and they never run out of ideas.

Leeching, hotlinking, piggy-backing, direct linking or bandwidth theft there all the same and so are some who “leech” articles.

Originally posted on October 29, 2007 @ 4:51 pm