Creating your home.php quite easily on WordPress

homeIf you have been thinking of using WordPress as a CMS aside from a blog, or if you just want a static front page on your blog, it’s not difficult. There are actually at least two easy ways to go about this.

Method 1:
You could try using plugins for the job. One of them is the Semiologic static front page plugin. Basically you make a new page and call it “Home” and the plugin will do everything else for you. You will just see it as a front page. Convenient, right?

It is easy to install a plugin, activate it and create a new Page via the wp-admin dashboard.
You don’t have to create a separate one altogether.

You cannot control what it would look like. You are stuck with the default page layout. Unless you have a theme you that has the kind of static front page layout you like.

Method 2:
You just have to make a home.php in your wp-content/themes/ directory. The nice thing about this is that it’s easier to customize your home.php and you don’t need an extra plugin for that. Apparently, WordPress could do that instantly.

It is more customizable. Whatever you want your static front page to look like is something you can control.

For those who are new to template creation, it might seem a bit daunting. You would have to learn what WordPress tags you have to use first in order to make one.

Whether you are a new blogger, a problogger or someone who has been blogging for ages, the moment you decide that you would like a static front page is another step in deciding on how creative you could be when it comes to presenting your blog. Make sure that you could find a nice design for it, not just any other kind of static front page.


Originally posted on September 11, 2006 @ 11:34 am