There are bloggers and there are trolls…

Ever encountered someone who seems to visit your blog and puts comments to annoy you? Or maybe this person keeps on putting weird things on your shoutbox, just to give you a bad name or something? Hmmm. Looks like you have a troll there. According to one of the definitions in the Urban Dictionary, this […]

Blog tutorial: Simple tags and Technorati

Would you like your blog entries easily searched on the ‘Net? No problem! It is fairly easy especially with Technorati around. Technorati happens to be ‘watching’ the blogosphere for the latest information on the different blogs. Technorati tags [tag]Technorati[/tag] is nifty because you would be able to see what others have tagged. Others can also […]

Get your favicon!

There are different ways by which you could have a favicon. You could make your own, as I have mentioned in the previous entry. You need some kind of software in order to create .ico files. Well, in case you don’t have the plugin for Photoshop or other apps that let you do that, you […]

What are wikiblogs?

Wikiblogs are hybrids of blogs and wikis. Wikis are sites that you could easily edit and let others edit as well. Some people actually use wikis as blogs because they do post chronologically. Sometimes wikiblogs are also called ‘blikis’ (a shorter term). What’s the deal? Wikis are easily edited. You could easily create different pages […]

Commenting on other blogs

There is that saying “No man is an island” and it seems to apply to blogs. A blog could not live on its own. Well, maybe it could, in a way but for how long? That remains to be seen. This is the day and age of conversations and a lot of it is being […]

The Growing Blogsphere. 14 Million And Counting

The “blogosphere” is continuing to grow at an amazing pace. In fact, the number of published blogs is expected to double about every five months. Right now, there is a new blog published every second, according to Technorati, the search engine that keeps track of Weblogs. In March there were over 7 million blogs, that […]