On Making Citations from Borrowed Phrases and Words

Most of the ideas that bloggers would use to be able to create essential and sensible blog entries would originate from a past or present article/post. It maybe even something that was mentioned by word of mouth. Information or expounding on certain topics ideally originate from these things and thus due recognition and citations to […]

Blog to Express Yourself, Not to Impress Readers

The notion that most start-up bloggers put into their minds is that they are out to make good impressions on potential readers and visitors of their blog sites. This is a wrong approach toward blogging since this will certainly lead to poorly composed blogs which may eventually not make any sense. The smooth transition of […]

Blogger Familiarization with WordPress

WordPress has made its mark as the common website software used in most blogs today. WordPress is not that hard to use, especially for people who have the basic html knowledge. The usual hyperlinks, image insertion, tags and formatting are present. WordPress also has a feature where the rich text editor allows users to have […]

Using Keywords Efficiently in your Blog

All authors and bloggers should take note; repetition is different from keyword use for search engine optimization (SEO). This has been a notable strategy for most blog entries and posts, seeing particular words more than once going to the extent of making the entire blog entry useless and senseless. While some of the probloggers know […]

The Importance of Reference Links

For most articles and blog entries, reference or citations coming from other sites will be very useful in validating statements made in that composition. It is only normal to give due credit towards other sites that have stated bare facts and researched information to serve as supporting attributes to specific keywords and terms that viewers […]

Bloggers Don’t have to be Excellent Writers

While blogging has slowly been making its way as the new fad that people can do when they log on to the Internet, many apprehensions have been rising with regards to how efficient and proper a good blog should be. For the record, blogs are not meant to impress anybody. They are meant to hold […]