Do You Have Blogorrhea?

Bloggers who write detailed accounts of their lives tend ramble on about the littlest details. Sometimes they’re juicy (what you did during a weekend getaway with—oops!), sometimes they’re a tad too colorful (how you won a hotdog-eating contest and had an appendectomy in the same day). You don’t mind, since it’s unbelievably soothing to write […]

How To Get Accepted Into Blog Directories

Now that I’ve shown several ways to make yourself found in the blogosphere, let’s take a closer look at one of the avenues by which visitors can reach your site. Blog Directories. Trivia: Yahoo!, one of the biggest search engines, started out as a list of links maintained by its creators called “Jerry and David’s […]

Make Yourself Found! (Or, Promote Your Site Web 2.0-Style)

Blogging is much like a light—it’s meant to be seen and used by others. (I’m not condemning bloggers who prefer their own selves as company, though.) Put another way, you’re a nobody unless your name Googles well, says the Wall Street Journal.

To do this, you must make yourself found.

Hello world!

Hello everyone! I’m Ia, another Blog Tutor signing on. While I’ve already head of blogging back when Blogger had URLs ending in .pyra, web design was a cinch with table layouts, and I would never have thought of paying for my own domain name and space, it would take several bouts of hesitation before I […]