When Not to Blog, Part 1

For your blog to become successful, you’ll need to have discipline when it comes to posting. You’ll need to follow a regular posting schedule to ensure that readers will come back and that your site can offer fresh keyword-rich content for the search engines. However, there are times when you shouldn’t force yourself to write/publish […]

Setup A $0.99 Blog With Domain In 2 Minutes

I do this regularly when I need an instant blog for a particularly product or service. Follow the steps: 1. Think of keywords for your blog. Keywords are important because we want our blog to be easily remembered by potential visitors. It is also great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Figure out what’s apt for […]

Who Clicks Them Anyway?

We all know that Google AdSense holds a huge potential that is waiting to be tapped as far as monetization goes. In Brix’s previous article, he tackled the basic game plan on how to make money off Adsense. My colleague was right in stating that the basic idea is to: 1) get visitors to go […]

PRESENCE is the new black

To have the blogger’s mindset is to analyze and think about the best ways to present, initiate and encourage discussion on ideas that may first appear as irrelevant together and not worth thinking over. In the months I started pushing web content, I unconsciously developed a rather anal-retentive process as to which ideas make their […]

Lowdown on the technical aspects of design

Clearly, I’m asking for trouble here by laying down a list of what is regarded as good design. Hopefully though, this does not turn out like O’Reilly’s Bloggers’ Code of Conduct which he later took back: Proper use of fonts – as a general rule, no more than three font families are to be used […]

Increase interactivity in your blog

Some blog owners love to interact with their visitors. Getting feedback from them is a way of finding out the presence of their visitors (and not just lurking while surfing through the pages), or whether what they put in their blogs are interesting enough. Let’s face it, people love to voice out their opinions (which […]