Blogs should be creative, you know.

Blogs should be creative, you know. After all that’s what blogs are for, being creative as possible is the edge that blogs have over other websites Blogs inform, tell stories and such kinda like normal websites, new sites do, but it is conversational in tone, that’s why it reaches out to the readers other words […]

Live Blogging: The Wave of the Future?

We’ve talked about the ways to edit your work, but what if bloggers were forced to blog live? Lacking the excitement of a live sporting event or reality show, live blogging could be the wave of the future. Think about it: What if you had to create a post and were not given a chance […]

Bloggers Don’t Really Write Much At All?

While going about my daily Internet browsing, I stumbled upon a blog called Writing for the don’t even stop to punctuate. And if they can’t put quite the right inflection on a sentence, they’ll often use an OMG (Oh my god!) or an emoticon, e.g., a smiley face 🙂 or a wink 😉 or a […]

WHEN Writing and AFTER Writing

Now that we’ve discussed about writing from my previous post Just write it! anything that comes into mind, now here are the do’s and don’t when writing and after writing. Avoid These WHEN Writing – Spell check: Ignore the red-underlined words. – Dictionary / Thesaurus: Resist yourself from always looking for a “better” word. – […]

Write More Effectively

Why are you writing for your blog? Do you have a clear purpose or are you merely writing for writing’s sake? I asked several blogger friends this question and I was surprised that some of them were not able to answer immediately. It seemed that they were quite unsure as to the reason they were […]

Blogging For A Cause

Anyone can come up with a blog these days and he or she can do anything with it. A person can even have more than one blog to call his own. Yet have you ever really thought about the reason that you blog? It is sad to see a lot of people hearing things about […]