Writing Your Blog: Check Your Spelling and Usage!

Blogging is a fun activity. People actually say that it is a stress reliever. To a certain degree it is true. This is where you could release your pent up emotions on different topics that you are concerned with, like women’s rights, pet care, and so on. Sometimes you could get carried away writing your […]

Does the quality of your content really matter?

Generating continuous content for your business is now widely recognised as an important part of search engine optimisation. Online businesses need to be consistently producing articles, blog posts, press releases and content of many other kinds too. However, despite the majority of business owners understanding the relevancy of content in an SEO campaign, some do […]

Blog Usability: An Introduction

Blogs have a very basic design with the blog title/header, tagline, content, and sidebar(s). Despite the fact that most blogs basically make use of the same elements the difference between the feel of various blogs is very noticeable. Many blogs with just the most basic of elements use very straightforward navigation but end up really […]

Quality links are better than plentiful links

If your site is going to compete on the internet, you need to attract the right kind and right amount of inbound links. Without links, a site is essentially floating alone in the closely connected world of the net. The search engines certainly view sites in this way. Without some allowance for links, your SEO […]

Kindle for Blogs

Kindle, the popular e-book reader from Amazon.com, can now be used to read blogs as well. Amazon has announced that the Kindle Publishing for blogs, which means that we now have an additional platform for our blogs. According to Amazon.com Kindle blogs have the following features: Kindle Blogs are auto-delivered wirelessly to the Kindle and […]

Just Do It

This isn’t a Nike ad but their slogan is something that all bloggers can learn a lesson from. Actually, it’s a motto we can apply in all aspects of our lives but of course it’s blogging we’re concerned with here. As a blogger one of the things that we struggle with is coming up with […]