Blog with Confidence by Knowing Your Niche

The best of writers are bound to meet their waterloo in a topic that they know nothing about and do not exert any effort to learn anything about. Writing from the head can only go so far. Writing from the heart assures writers of an unlimited source of aspects to talk about in a specific […]

Blog Entry – The Long and Short of It

Writing a blog post is a great way to send a message across to readers. Maximizing its potentials however to grab attention and retain it gives rise to the question as to its appropriate length. How long or short should a post be? That is the question. Long posts are said to generate more traffic […]

How to Write a Successful Blog

A blog is actually an interactive journal online. The content may vary from one topic to another. You can write your own opinion or write what you know and share them to the public. But what people are doing nowadays is use blogs and articles to promote their product, services or even themselves as a […]

Have Your Blog Reviewed

  Review sites are websites that provide reviews of products, services, businesses, and even people.  These reviews are usually done by professional writers who have taken the time to do their “homework” in coming up with objective results.  Reviews are primarily beneficial to any site because of the additional traffic created and the corresponding links […]

Blogger Demographics

As an Internet search engine for searching blogs, Technorati considers it its business to measure a site’s standing and influence in the blogosphere. Through Technorati Authority, a site’s ranking is determined by its linking behavior, categorization and other related data measured over a short, specific period of time. The rise or fall of a site’s […]

First Things First

Blog monetization is an extremely interesting aspect of blogging because it is a way of making your writing efforts profitable.  Before you go to that part, you need to do what comes prior to that.  Build your site or your blog first before anything else. Choose a niche or make your own mark in a […]