Blogger Photo: When NOT to post

I have said several times that an About Page is important for every blog. Your About Page gives new readers an easy way to check what your blog is supposed to be about, who the blogger(s) is/are behind the blog, and figure out the blog’s trustworthiness. In short, the About Page is your introduction; your […]

Are You Blogging Too Frequently? Part I

Giving your readers something new to read is important. It’s important so that your readers will not get bored and will know that your blog is something they should check on regularly. It is also important in SEO because freshness of content is something that search engines look into, especially now that real time search […]

Finding Your Niche II

Last time I said that when finding your niche you should choose one that you are already knowledgeable at and that isn’t that competitive in terms of number of bloggers already writing about that field. Today I will be giving a few more tips on finding your niche. 1. Find out what people want – […]

Better Backup than Sorry

I wonder if there’s any statistics on the number of bloggers that keep a backup of all their blog posts. I used to NOT keep backup copies. My reason for this is simple: I trusted WordPress. Now I am not saying that WordPress is not trustworthy but it is always better to be safe than […]

Blog Usability: Navigation Elements

As I promised in my previous post I will be listing down ways you can make it easier for readers to look for the information they need in your blog. The truth is that this is all you need to do is give readers several options to navigate through your blog. This is very easy […]

Video Blogging: Good Idea or Bad?

If your tired of typing away at your keyboard and want try a new platform you might want to look into video blogging. But before you start your video blog here are some things you should think about to see if it will be a good idea to go ahead or not. Content – What […]