How to Blog small

Last week I offered up a few tips on making your blog appear larger than it really is.  Surprisingly, some bloggers have the opposite goal; that is to appear smaller than they really are.  A strategy mostly enacted by monster companies to give themselves a human face.  Here’s how: All in the Details: Did the […]

The Secret to BlogGurl’s Productivity

I just finished churning out 11 articles [non-stop!] by this very moment, when this was written. The secret to my current level of productivity is… No intarwebs at home! Originally posted on March 14, 2008 @ 10:17 pm

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

There is no doubt about it – writing can be hard work. Of course, there are times when the words and ideas just flow fluidly from your brain to your word processor but I cannot count the times when I just got stuck. For one reason or another, I simply couldn’t squeeze enough creativity out […]

WordPress Plug-ins

If you blog using WordPress and can’t do something that you want done like adding Sphere-related content at the end of your blog posts you might be surprised to find out that there are already plug-ins available that make it happen. To find good WordPress plug-ins all you need to do is search for “wordpress […]

How to Blog BIG

In a world of a billion blogs, there’s a good chance that your corner of the Web will go unnoticed.  If you are lucky enough to attract readers, you are going to want to make a strong impression to make sure they come back for more.  One way to do this is to immediately establish […]

Blogging, Blogging and more Blogging

Procrastination is a common problem of all people, in particular, bloggers. Sometimes, we get lost in our research and end up surfing the net for things that are totally unrelated to what we’re supposed to write about. Other times, we just put off writing altogether. I have been hiding on my apartment for about a […]