Writing blog entries for fun

More often than not, April Fool’s is when bloggers have a lot of fun on their blogs. They experiment with topics or writing styles so that they could fool their readers. Maybe you have done that before, maybe not. But there are fun things you could do: Play around with words. Some people write a […]

Checking out blogging services: Livejournal

Thinking of blogging? There are many services out there and you might want to check out some of the commonly used ones. Livejournal (or LJ) is one of the popular ones. There are people who think that it is mainly for the young people but it is not always so. Maybe it’s a perception that […]

The Growing Blogsphere. Expression in Opression

In oppressive countries, such as Iran (which shut down almost all independent newspapers in 2000), blogs have provided a way for journalists and others to express themselves and share the latest news and happenings. But speaking up in such places often has serious consequences, such as one blogger in Iraq who was jailed by authorities […]

Movies and blogging

A lot of people like movies. Maybe you like them too. When it comes to blogging, you could see some blogs that talk about movies all the time. There are formal movie reviews. There are common elements in these movie reviews like specific information: title of the movie release date of the movie movie producer/s […]

Buttons add links and pizzazz to your blog

Links are awesome because you find ways to share your favorite reads and the blogs of your friends. Sometimes you might have such long blogrolls already. On the other hand, buttons might spice up your blog and also advertise what kind of sites you like visiting or what kinds of online services you are using […]

Blogtipping Day

One way of interacting with others is through Blogtipping Day. What is Blogtipping? As the name implies, you give tips to other bloggers. Blogtipping mechanics First, you list down three blogs you like. Maybe you could start with some that are on your blogroll. Then, you say three good things about the blogs. It could […]