Reviews from a Blogger’s Pespective

Movies, products, places and gadgets are some of the more sought after products today. Getting background information and feedback from actual consumers and users is something that potential buyers would initially study to be able to ensure that they get the best buy from such items. Most of the blogs today offer reviews and feedbacks […]

The Cue from Free Blogging Sites

The best way for a person to understand on how to go about the art of blogging is to go over some sites firsthand. Studying the methods and tactics of each blog will somehow build a well-rounded idea on how blogging can become beneficial to people, not only in the financial aspect of earning through […]

Bloggers Don’t have to be Excellent Writers

While blogging has slowly been making its way as the new fad that people can do when they log on to the Internet, many apprehensions have been rising with regards to how efficient and proper a good blog should be. For the record, blogs are not meant to impress anybody. They are meant to hold […]

Going crazy over blogs and blogging

If you are someone who loves reading and writing blogs, have you ever thought of consciously sharing that passion with others? Sometimes people get overwhelmed with the number of blogs out there but here’s the thing: you have the ability to participate in a global community and share so many things. Blogging goes beyond geographic […]

Technorati – The Blogger’s Search Engine

Technorati is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere — the world of weblogs. A few years ago, Web search was revolutionized by a simple but profound idea — that the relevance of a site can be determined by the number of other sites that link to […]

Add a favicon to your blog

It is great to have your blog as something distinct from the rest of the other blogs in the blogosphere. Be it in the way it looks via the template or the way you converse with your readers, there’s something about a blog that exudes the aura of the person behind it. And there are […]