Scheduling Blog Entries

Bloggers who want to take on blogging seriously towards the level of problogging would have to take into consideration the flexibility of their time and religious scheduling of when to make such blog entries. Blog sites can be created at any time but the matter of being able to maintain such sites is another issue […]

Blogging Daily or Alternately

It has been a belief that the regularly a blogger would update his site, the better chances that it can be optimized and included in visitor hits. While such is true, the essence still lied in the quality of the blog entry made to the site. It is not merely about entering something for the […]

On Making Citations from Borrowed Phrases and Words

Most of the ideas that bloggers would use to be able to create essential and sensible blog entries would originate from a past or present article/post. It maybe even something that was mentioned by word of mouth. Information or expounding on certain topics ideally originate from these things and thus due recognition and citations to […]

The Importance of Reference Links

For most articles and blog entries, reference or citations coming from other sites will be very useful in validating statements made in that composition. It is only normal to give due credit towards other sites that have stated bare facts and researched information to serve as supporting attributes to specific keywords and terms that viewers […]

SEO Your Blog! 8 Easy Steps. Part 3

6. Get Backlinks From Other Blogs Or Websites Links pointing to your blog or posts are essential to build pagerank and make your blog rank higher in the search engine listings. I’ve seen many people recommend Blogrolling as one method of building links to your blog. BlogRolling is a one-stop linklist manager for your blog […]

Welcome To Blog Tutorials!

Everyone is talking about them… how do you get in on the act? This will be a “no frills” blog, giving you all the info that you will need to create your own blog and make it a successful one. And for those who already know the basics, we’ll be helping you take it to […]